About Me

Daisy Mom (Melissa Mc) is a mother of 3; wife of 1; daughter, sister, friend, aunt; lover of football, politics, food, travel, walking, theatre and all things literary. She’s without talent in most normal Mormon activities – she doesn’t paint, sew, craft, scrapbook or quilt. She shelves books for a living and could spend hours staring at spines.  She survived two years as Fundraising chair and PTA president and doubts she will ever volunteer again.  She can be found in front of the TV during every March Madness college basketball tournament and on every Saturday during college football season (Boomer Sooner!). Her youngest was born with a congenital heart defect and had open heart surgery at 5 weeks. She knows more about Children’s Hospitals than she ever wanted too. One of the highlights of her life was attending the inauguration of President Barack Obama, primarily because she had better seats than Oprah.  And when she grows up, she wants to be the first female commissioner of the NFL.

You can also find me at http://www.mormonmommywars.com/

To contact me: melmccurdyATsbcglobalDOTnet