Sunday, January 31, 2010

Did Not Finish -- Quartet in Autumn

Quartet in Autumn Quartet in Autumn by Barbara Pym

My online, book blogging friend, Jeanette, has a 50pg rule -- if you read 50 pages and are still unengaged in a book -- you can give up.

I instituted that rule with Quartet in Autumn. Except, I gave up at 35 pages. My reasons, it was only a 200 page book, so the ratio for pages read vs. total pages was about right.

I read Excellent Women by Barbara Pym, an loved it. Called it, "a quiet gem of a book." This, ugh, just didn't do anything for me. The cover said, "written with the wit and style of a twentieth-century Jane Austen." Jane Austen never wrote about 4 elderly office mates. If anyone has read this and wants to persuade me to give it another try, please do!

Book source: library copy

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Nicole Marsh said...

I love that rule, I am going to have to use it.