Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book Review -- Mrs. Mike

My enjoyment rating: 3 of 5 stars

Book source:  Personal copy

Katherine O'Fallon is sent off to the great White North to live with an uncle under the premise that it will be good for her health...at the age of 16, she finds strength, love, tragedy, and a home she never wants to leave.
This was a quaint story. I loved the relationship Kathy had with her Canadian Mounty, Mike, and the family they created. The authors created a very realistic life for those very brave individuals who chose to make the Yukon their home -- a blend of "breeds," Indians, trappers, and white European/Canadians -- who depended on each other for everything!
Life in the tundra was stark -- between the frigid weather and the mosquitos -- I'm not sure how anyone survived.
Kathy's life was not easy and suffered greatly -- but it was also filled with joy. Inspite of the many obstacles, she was able to create a home. And her husband Mike was a welcomed character -- I envisioned him as part Robert Redford part Liam Neeson -- a rugged, tested, and dependable mate who loved Kathy more than life itself.

I didn't LOVE this book, probably because I read something so similar this year -- Maud Hart Lovelace's Early Candlelight -- another historical romance set in the wilderness of the Wisconsin territory.

I do think this is a book anyone would enjoy with it's simple lovestory and vast landscape.

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