Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seeing Double

Surely, they could have found another stock photo?

Long Drive Home by Will Allison: Book Cover
Long Drive Home by Will Allison

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine: Book Cover

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine (also, National Book Award Drive Home trying to ride their coat-tails of literary success?).


Unknown said...

ha! i always notice when they do that with movie trailer soundtracks...

alisonwonderland said...

I own this version of Mockingbird and think it's a lovely cover - for that book!

mpartyka said...

Oh my gosh! I have seen this happen before but never with the exact same photo..... ugh I completely agree :)

Hope you are surviving down there.

Sarah Reads Too Much said...

That is hysterical!

Bailey said...

wow that's hilarious! you'd think they could've been more original.

in response to your comment on my blog about blogger's recent shortcomings... i'm glad to see it isn't just something i'm messing up on! not that i'm happy it's happening to you or anything. but usually it's me making the technological mistakes :)

and in response to your comment about not much liking Essential Ingredients... i didn't care for it either! i'm not sure why Joy for Beginners was more enjoyable for me. the writing style is very similar - very flowy, lots of commas, lots of descriptions - but i found the characters to be more endearing.