Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Listen to Your Mother

Picture by Kerri Case

I don't know why they picked me.
My essay was old.
My kids were grown (relatively speaking).
I'd seemingly recovered from that intensely bleak period of my life.
But they did. They picked me.
And 14 others like me.
14 others who participated in a nationally recognized public forum called Listen to Your Mother  -- to share our stories -- so fiercely & uniquely ours -- yet so universally shared among this tribe we call motherhood.  A tribe you belong to regardless of your "mother" status, because you simply inhabit Mother Earth and are loved by a Heavenly Mother.
14 others with stories of motherhood -- joyful, personal, emotional, painful, beautiful, hilarious, genuine, true -- a grand chorus of impassioned voices sharing their hearts.
I'm completely tethered to these 14 now -- some of whom I still barely know.
It was a sacred experience.  The stage...consecrated ground.
And I will be blessed by it forever.
Picture by Sarabeth Jones

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