Friday, June 19, 2009

Week 1 Art Project

It make not look like much, but this makes me enormously proud! I love my daisy plate! (not quite sure it is a daisy – but it’s a flower nonetheless!)

Two girlfriends and I went to a “paint your own pottery” store last week and this is what I created. Does it look like a grade school project – possibly – but I had SO MUCH fun doing it I don’t really care! It’s mine and I made it and I can’t say that for most things.

My kitchen is accented with bright colors – I collect vintage ‘50s Pyrex bowls – so my wall color and wall paper could be described as “retro.” I have a bright green accent wall covered with plates I’ve collected at antique stores – this will now find a permanent place among my collection.

Painting pottery is now a monthly date.

1 comment:

emilysigler said...

your daisy plate is fabulous and I had a swell time painting with you! What should we make next month?