Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness, Baby!

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It only means one thing… (cue CBS Sports music)…

It’s March Madness™, baby!

I’m saying goodbye to motherhood for the next three weekends and assuming the “couch potato” position in front of the big screen (honestly, I’m not on the couch very long, because I’m jumping up and down screaming at the TV like a lunatic). I’m on hiatus from dinner, laundry, baths and homework. Some Moms indulge in chocolate, manicures, quiet time with a book, or shopping with friends. My ultimate indulgence is watching as many games as possible until I’m delirious. My bracket is complete, my team didn't make it but my husband better get ready for the trash talk, because his alma mater will totally choke in the first round. I’ve got chips, queso, Dr. Pepper, DirecTV, HDTV, DVR and the remote. The DO NOT DISTURB sign is on the door, so kids, unless you’ve been swarmed by fire ants or you’ve been drinking the ever popular wiper fluid Kool-Aid (I live in AR, that seems to be popular here), don’t even think about bothering me! Bring it on!

Let the Madness begin!

(Originally posted on Mormon Mommy Wars 15 March 2009)

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Kim said...

Can I guess that your husband's alma mater is BYU? They almost always choke in the first round so that's who I thought of when you said that. It's my alma mater, too, and I'm really hoping for better than normal result this year but we'll have to wait and see.