Thursday, May 6, 2010

In The Mail

I know there is a weekly meme called "Mailbox Monday" -- but I very rarely get books in the mail, let alone on Monday (hint, hint publishers!), so when I do, I have to post them when I get 'em!

Today I received: Review
Kathleen Alcalá's first novel, Spirits of the Ordinary, opens in 1870s Mexico where Zacarias Caraval abandons his family and the religion of his fathers--Judaism--to search for gold in the desert. His wife, Estela, responds by declaring herself independent and taking a lover--an action frowned upon in the small village of Saltillo. Zacarias's wanderings take him into the mountains of Northern Mexico and to the cliff dwellings of Casas Grandes, where he witnesses a massacre--an event that will have a profound affect on him and will eventually send him back to the faith he has abandoned. Spirits of the Ordinary is the first book of a projected trilogy and judging by the quality of Ms. Alcalá's work so far, the next two volumes will be eagerly awaited.

I won this from a book giveaway on Color Online, a blog whose focus is "on women writers of color." I have been trying to beef up the diversity of authors that I read...this book will help me in that endeavor.

And from author Jennifer Ross:

From Booklist
Ansley thought her fiancé, Parish, loved her unconditionally until he dumps her. In order to escape the subsequent gossip and pity, she heads to New York City to visit her maternal grandmother, Vivian, whom she has never met. While Vivian is delighted to have the chance to reconnect with her family, she currently has problems of her own: her recently deceased husband’s creative tax shelters have brought down the wrath of the IRS, specifically agent 1432. As a way of coping, Ansley begins baking cupcakes, and as she mixes up batches of home-baked goodness, she realizes she may have stumbled on the answer to her and her grandmother’s problems. Striking the perfect balance between tart wit and sweet romance, Ross spoons up a thoughtful blend of chick lit and women’s fiction, complete with a tempting assortment of cupcake recipes, the icing on this irresistible culinary literary creation.

Doesn't this sound delightful? Once I'm done with Cromwell, Wolsey and Henry VIII, I think I will devour Cupcakes as the perfect literary dessert!

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Amused said...

The Icing on the Cupcake looks yummy...I mean like a good read! Can't wait to hear about it!