Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review -- War Horse

War Horse (War Horse, #1)
My enjoyment rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Source:  Personal copy
Genre:  Juvenile Fiction
Sensitive reader:  Descriptions of battlefields and war, but nothing particularly graphic.

Joey works on a farm. But on the eve of WWI, Joey’s responsibilities change…he must train for the battlefields and trenches in France. We learn from Joey about of the horrors of war, the power of friendship, the basic necessities of food, shelter and rest. Joey is an integral part to those around him, and they depend on his strength and endurance. And even in the darkest depths of despair, Joey provides a light to those with whom he comes in contact. Joey is often mistreated, but he doesn’t hold a grudge. He has been trained for a job – and he perseveres.

Oh, did I mention, Joey is a horse.

Author Michael Morpurgo has written a tender story about the love of a horse and his keeper, Albert, who loses Joey to the British Army, but pledges his life to find him again.

It was a concise, but powerful story that follows Joey’s journey through his “tour” of duty. It shows the heart and power of an animal during arduous circumstances.

I loved reading this from Joey’s point of view. It made the story that much more special.

Highly recommended.

*(I have not seen the movie -- will be interested to see how Spielberg transforms Joey's story for the cinema).

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Tricia said...

I saw this at the book fair. What age would you recommend it for?

Corinne said...

How funny that we were reading at the same time! I love that. I watched the trailer and it made me cry. NOT for my 9 year old boy, I think, though.