Monday, December 17, 2012

Book Review -- Gone Girl

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My enjoyment rating: 3 of 5 stars (I'm not sure you can actually ENJOY this book)
Book source: Personal copy
Genre: Fiction; Psychological Thriller
Objectionable material:  Almost everything -- profanity, graphic sexual innuendo and situations -- if it was a movie it would be R rated.

Amy and Nick. Nick and Amy. A match made in heaven? Or a match destined to be destroyed?
Gone Girl is the IT book of 2012. I was determined to read it before the year ended.
The difficulty in reviewing a book like this, is there is SO much to talk about, analyze, discuss, but in doing so, would reveal far too much of the book’s plot and direction.
So I offer the following:
• Gone Girl is possible one of the best technically crafted books I’ve read. Clearly, Gillian Flynn can write. She mixes wit with trauma, romance with tension, suspense with sympathy. Things that normally make me put aside a book (F-BOMBS – YIKES!), I over looked (or closed my eyes) just to keep reading the novel.
• There is nothing to like about Nick or Amy. Nothing…but Flynn keeps you reading just the same.
• Secondary characters are woven into this novel like embroidery thread. You never know how they will fit in to the narrative – but they do – and successfully. Keep in mind one in particular: Desi.

That being said – this was not a pleasant book. It was much like a match: the first 100 pages exploded off the page – but the longer it read (or burned) the less brightly it continued. By the end, I was SO ready for it to be over.

Speaking of the ending: many of the reviews I’ve “skimmed” complain about the ending. I was completely satisfied with the way it ended. Is it how I imagined it would end? No. But it made total sense – and was in complete harmony with the characters.

Ultimately – I can see why this was a 5 star book for many – but because of the language, sexual innuendo, and overriding evil that pervades this book, I can only manage 3 stars.


Tina's Blog said...

For all the great reviews of this one, I have also read many less positive ones....I loved this book, but for me the first hundred pages dragged. After that, I just couldn't put it down.

Anna said...

I have a problem when the main characters are completely unlikeable, but it says a lot that you kept reading. I hope to read this one at some point, maybe once all the buzz dies down a bit.

Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

Most reviews I've read about this book never even mention content. Yours is the first. When I saw you had reviewed it I just had to read your thoughts on it. Thanks SO MUCH for including the content. I might read it at some point but I think I will feel much the way you did.

Amused said...

I have heard about this book everywhere but there is something about the description that makes me know this book just isn't my thing. Your review makes me feel more normal!

Monica said...

Thanks so much for this review! I wish I'd thought to read it before starting the book. I don't like the language one bit.