Saturday, December 29, 2012

You can read in the dark, but not in the cold

Christmas 2012 was not what we expected.
The weather forecasters predicted 2-4 inches of snow -- we got 10.  Additionally, prior to the snowfall, icy rain plagued us for most of the day, which weighed down the many trees in our area.  With the additional snow, trees began to snap and break like twigs.

Thus, most of Little Rock looked like the above.
Nearly 200,000 homes lost power -- including us.
The temperature in the house leveled out at 48 degrees.  Far too cold for us to "tough it out."  Luckily we had generous friends (who were some of the few who retained power) graciously offer to house our family for 3 days.
Fortunately, our power was restored yesterday.
Unfortunately, nearly 30,000 homes in the area are still without power, and probably won't have it restored until next Tuesday.
But one thing I learned...reading by candlelight is easy, reading when your fingers are blue from holding a book, is not.