Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Creativity Boot Camp Week 2

I’ve been a total slacker on reporting how my creativity book camp is progressing. I’m just now finishing week 2 (yes, this is taking forever!) – but my “Artist’s Way” work book is set up with tasks that don’t necessarily coincide with a 7 day week. The first “week” included 10 days worth of tasks and the 2nd week 8 days worth of tasks. Sneak in a trip out of town for three days, and you have a boot camp that is really going on 4 weeks, but I’ve only gotten thru two.

So, how’s it going? Here is my report:

1. The daily morning pages that originally were inspiring and refreshing have become laborious. I really thought the more I wrote the easier it would get. But it’s become much more difficult! There are mornings that I just stare at the page thinking, “what on earth am I doing up at this ridiculous hour?” I’m getting up at 6am (this is SUMMER for crying out loud!) so obviously, my brain is still asleep. So I rearranged my morning to where I’m now walking first and then coming back to my writing assignment. Did it help?? Not so much. Instead of writing motivational epistles to myself, I find I’m doing nothing but writing a bunch of slosh. Granted, in the work book the author says that’s OK. But I’d rather write lyrically. Ha! I’ve also noticed that as soon as I get a page or two written my kids wake up and demand breakfast, so I don’t finish the 3rd and final page. Seriously – do you think the Artist police will come after me??

2. I love my “artist’s dates.” I just finished my knitting class – which I loved. I wish I had a picture of my finished project, but, guess what, it’s not finished! I’m working on a scarf, so my goal is the first frost – and in the South, that could be November. My problem is I’m still such a novice that if I drop a stitch or mess up, I don’t know how to fix it without going back and starting from scratch. Maybe my goal should be November 2010? Here is what it should look like – hopefully!

3. The daily tasks have been very thought provoking. Some of them have been: List 20 things you enjoy doing; List 5 imaginary lives you wish you could lead; Write about a success you have had in your life and how did it make you feel? I’ve enjoyed digging deeper into my gray matter to find out what makes me tick. Sometimes it’s painful and I’d rather shut the cover of my workbook and walk away. But mostly, it’s reminded me that even in middle age I can still have dreams and achievements – and hopefully, dreams that come true!

I thought I would share today’s task – List 10 changes you’d like to make for yourself (for example: paint my kitchen, buy an extra pair of sheets, go to China…):

Here is what I came up with:

I would like to lose 15 lbs because I know I would feel better.
I would like to landscape the backyard.
I would like to have peaceful feelings.
I would like to vacation in Nova Scotia.
I would like to play tennis.
I would like to ice skate
I would like to paint – even if it’s a paint by number set.
I would like to live overseas.
I would like to visit Ireland and Scotland.
I would like to be a better mother.

The author says, “pay attention to our current lives, a small shift like a newly painted kitchen can yield a luxuriously large sense of self care.”

Do you have an “I would like to ______" list?

This week I think I’ve regressed from being Van-Gette – maybe I’m more abstract, like Picasso!


wordandcraft said...

Dear Daisy Mom,

If you can stand it, leave the mistakes in your first scarf. You'll feel that much prouder when you compare it to the one you knit next year and the year after that. Think of it as a fiber-based scrapbook of your knitting adventures.


The woman who will rip out a project with only three rows left, just because it looks a little wonky

TexasKelly said...

Love your updates. Just finished the Moonflower Vine and plan to send a copy along with moonflower vine seeds to my sil who loves on 40 acres in Missouri. Great idea