Wednesday, August 5, 2009

PTA Term Begins

Yesterday, I began my two year term on the PTA board for our elementary school. Can I tell you that I have NO idea what I'm doing!! But I look forward to the challenge, and hope I can share my ideas and talents with the other board members and all the other wonderful volunteers. It takes a village to run a PTA!

I'm off tomorrow to reunite with my college sorority sisters. For some, it's only been months since we've seen each other. For others it's been 20 years! I wish I had a picture of us in our '80's hey day (they are buried deep in boxes in the garage) so this will have to suffice!

I really hope we looked better than this -- but something tells me, not likely!

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Irish said...

I know exactly how you feel I just got volunteered to be on the
Board of Governers at my kids primary school ..... Feeling very overwhelmed but excited at the same time ....