Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday is a special day….

It’s the day we get spend several hundred dollars on school supplies.

I wonder how much a slate and a piece of chalk cost back in the 19th century? We had three supply lists this year. One had, “10 pack washable markers” another had, “8 pack regular markers, thin tip” the last one had, “8 pack washable markers, wide tip.” I felt like I was shopping for the three bears. Why can’t they all be the same? I couldn’t find a 10 pack of washable, so my daughter will be going into 3rd grade with only an 8 pack. Do you think she will be psychologically harmed by having only 8? Do I have to buy new scissors every year? Can’t they reuse the perfectly good ones they brought home from the previous grade? They all got new underwear too. Why can’t I buy boys underwear in a package containing more than 3? I found an 8 pack for my daughter. Do boys not need to change underwear as often? And is it possible to buy white underwear anymore? If it’s not an action figure or a sports implement or a Disney character or a princess – it’s stripes or dots or flowers. Do kids not care if their underwear shows thru their clothes? And what really ticked me off, after we got home I noticed they charged me TWICE for the one pair of new school shoes we bought for my son. I hate that!!! I think there should be a rule that if you are over charged, you should get the item free. Because now my husband has to drive back out to our retailer, 30 minutes before they close, and try to convince them we only bought one pair of shoes. They over charged me for toothpaste too.

Now, I’m going to eat my chocolate – and hope no one notices that it was a package of 24 and only 8 pieces remain.

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Amy said...

This so true!! i dread school shopping, it is so dang expensive now, and we have to really budget for it ahead of time. We are jumping in next week.