Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Are you ready for some Turkey?!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving — I’m curious about your holiday traditions!

What’s your favorite side dish? (Daisy Mom: Spoonbread)

Afternoon meal? Or evening meal? (Mid afternoon)

Do you cook? Or a family member? (Always Mom!)

Do you travel? Or stay home? (Travel to my folks in 4 hours!)

Dark meat? Or White meat? (White for me, dark for my husband)

Sweet Potatoes? Or Mashed Potatoes? (Sweet with marshmallows; Mashed with gravy)

Real whipped cream? Or Cool Whip? (We usually have both on hand)

Pie: Pumpkin? Apple? Cherry? Pecan? (Pumpkin and my Mom's greatest cherry pie)

Special Thanksgiving activity? Afternoon Football? Christmas Lights? Sleeping? (All of the above!)

Have a safe, happy, food-filled and stomach-busting, Thanksgiving!

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