Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Reading 101

After failing to read my book club book for our November meeting, I’ve had to reevaluate my book selections of late. Over the past few weeks or months, I’ve felt OBLIGATED to read – book club, mother-daughter book club, challenge requirements – you name it. The joy of climbing in my big chair and turning page after page has been noticeably absent. Is it my book choices? Have job, family, PTA responsibilities, totally overwhelmed me that I can’t remember how to “read?” I feel burned out. And the noticeable absence of book reviews is evidence.

How do you get out of a reading funk? Or are reading funks not allowed?

I’m going to try this: I’m taking an inventory of all the unread books on my shelf and trying to assess what will give me the greatest pleasure – without taxing my brain too much. And brevity would be nice too. Under 300 pages. A length I know I can finish. My brain is fried. And my attention span is shot. (Although, I REALLY want to read Persuasion sometime over the holiday, not sure that qualifies?)

I’m blowing off all that is expected and indulging myself in brain candy, whatever that may be.

At least I can't get cavities this way!

(P. S. Persuasion is under 300 pages! Yippee for me!)