Thursday, April 15, 2010

Announcing the Wolf Hall Read Along!

What do you do when you have a book so long you can't possibly read it without feeling defeated before the 1st page?? You find a friend with the same book, commit to 100 pages a week, set a deadline, and hopefully both succeed reading it and enjoying the discussion along the way!

That is what Leah at Amused By Books and I have done! Both of us received Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel for Christmas. The book has languished on our shelves staring us down like a rabid dog, taunting us to read it.

So here we go -- our first ever Read Along! Please join us! Our official kick off date is May 1st -- and we are giving everyone who wants to participate the WHOLE month of May to finish by May 31st.

We will report back each Wednesday (hence Wolf Hall Wednesdays) with commentary and questions between me and Leah. Our goal is to read 100 pages per week or 17 pages a day. Whew -- it makes me sweat just thinking about it.

We hope more will join us -- it will be much more fun that way.

Wolf Hall: A Novel

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