Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April Mother Daughter Book Group

Tonight, we hosted mother/daughter book group. This was the LAST thing I needed today. I was so not looking forward to it -- even secretly wishing all of the moms/daughters would cancel: I worked today, had to get Daisy daughter and her friend to and from dance class, my 2 boys to baseball games, clean house, finish the book, and put on a smiling face for our guests. As it turns out, it was EXACTLY what I needed -- Daisy daughter prepared excellent questions and for the first time, the girls took the discussion seriously (I think they are getting the hang of it)! Normally they are a little bit silly acting, but it was a thorough discussion tonight. Who knew Nancy Drew would be so thought provoking -- even for the moms!

Of all the books we've now read as a group -- this was my least favorite.

The Secret of the Old Clock (Nancy Drew, #1)

I remember staying up all night finishing The Secret of the Old Clock in 3rd grade. It was the 1st time I ever pulled an all-nighter. However, 30+ years later, it didn't quite have the same affect. Where the Betsy-Tacy books were old fashioned and nostalgic, Nancy Drew seemed dated and clich├ęd. Although, it really doesn't matter what I think, the girls loved the book. One thing I learned during out discussion is Carolyn Keene, the author of the Nancy Drew series, is really a pseudonym for a bunch of authors that wrote the series. Maybe that is why it was so formulaic.

Next month we are reading book 1 of the Ivy & Bean series by Annie Barrows.

Then we've committed to meet during the summer once school is out (I'm so excited!). I think we are going to read
Beezus and Ramona in preparation for the movie, which opens in July. And just in case you hadn't heard, Beverly Cleary, author of the Ramona series (and SO MUCH MORE) celebrated her 94th birthday last week! So, you should treat yourself to a Beverly Cleary book in the near future.

And for our special treat I made this:

Caramel Banana Tiramisu Recipe from Marzetti

It was delicious -- however -- please do not soak the ladyfingers in OJ!! It was a sloppy mess. Omit that one thing, and it would have been perfect. Although, I would change out ladyfingers for vanilla wafers too. It would have been more like a traditional banana pudding. And you need 2 containers of cool whip - one to add to the pudding mixture, one for the topping.

It was a perfect ending -- to a not so perfect day.

Book source: public library

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Suey said...

I've thought many times about how fun a mother daughter book club would be, but haven't had to the guts to jump on it yet. The ladies around here(and girls too I'm afraid) already think I'm a little over the top regarding books! But this does so fun! The dessert looks especially yummy!