Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bedtime Stories

A few of our favorite picture books to report on this week:

The Pirate Cruncher by Jonny Duddle

From School Library Journal
Kindergarten-Grade 3—The dastardly Captain Purplebeard and his greedy crew are on the track of "…a shipload of treasure!...Diamonds and rubies and gold beyond measure…." They set sail in their ship, The Black Hole, following a mysterious fiddle player who has a treasure map. Heedless of the subsequent verses of the fiddler's song, which warn of some sort of monster "pirate cruncher," the motley crew also disregards certain other strange happenings and perseveres to their ultimate end. Their fate is told mostly in rollicking but sometimes uneven rhymed text. The striking illustrations in bold colors are digitally rendered with great effect, delineating each individual pirate and slyly hinting at the surprise that's coming—visual clues that every self-respecting pirate lover will delight in pointing out knowledgeably after the first reading. An amusing book to savor and enjoy.
This was a delightful pirate tale -- with a twist!  My 7 year old had to explain the "moral" to me at the end.    And the illustrations are fantastic!

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 1—"This is the story of Suzy Sue, and the fateful day when she went…Achoo!" So starts this amusing tale of good manners and hygiene. Suzy Sue doesn't know the proper etiquette for sneezing and covering her mouth and nose. Thank goodness for her bevy of farm animals that can teach her all about it. The book covers a few of the big items, such as bathing, polite eating, sharing, and kindness, and highlights "the golden rule" in the process. The painted illustrations complement the text well. The author tries to tell the story in rhyme, but it doesn't always pan out. Still, the story is mildly humorous, and younger children will find the pictures of the animals appealing. The size and layout of the pages make this title appropriate for group sharing. While it's not the most complete book in this genre, it does hold its own.

Nothing like being taught manners by a bunch of farm animals! When my son burped at the table tonight, he immediately sited this book.


A Small Brown Dog with a Pink Nose by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen

From School Library Journal
Kindergarten-Grade 3—Amelia wants a dog. When her persistent requests are repeatedly denied, she begins to pretend that she has a dog named "Bones," and gradually her mother and father go along with the game. Then, when her pet "gets lost," there is nothing for them to do but help Amelia find him. The search leads to an animal shelter and a real Bones to take home. The final spread, "Amelia's Guide to Getting Your First Dog," dispels any doubt that the child's actions were deliberate. Amelia is an endearing character, and Hunter's portrayal of her perfectly matches Stuve-Bodeen's text. The digitally enhanced, cheery pictures are airy and use simple shapes and colors. The almost comic-book format takes the eye quickly from one part of the page to another, leading readers through the story. This title is a good choice for a one-on-one read-aloud or for children to enjoy on their own.

Even I, the most ardent of "we are NEVER having a dog" mothers, was tempted by this delightful, persuasive, little girl and her quest for a family pet.

What bedtime/picture books were your favorites this week?


Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

What delightful books! My son would definitely love the Pirate one. I am currently reading Countdown to my daughter and I have started The Magic Treehouse series with my son. We are on book #24. It's great fun to read to the kids and it's one of the things I missed the most when I was away with my hubby on holidays.

Elise said...

Oh I love picture books!! I think I love them more than grown up books. These look beautiful!

Helen's Book Blog said...

Thank you for finding my blog and I am excited to have found yours! One of our favorite bedtime stories was Goodnight Lulu--very whimsical and fun