Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today in Literary History

On June 30, 1936, the epic novel Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, was published.

Can you imagine what life would have been like without this work or the movie?

The year I started our book group, I knew that my book choice would be Gone With the Wind.  I'd never read it before and knew it was quite a bit different and better than the movie (isn't that always the case?).  I wasn't sure if my fellow groupies would be willing to imbibe a 1000+ page tome, but they reluctantly agreed (we took an additional month to read it).  I loved the book.   I can't remember per se, whether it was a clear winner for everyone, but it met and exceeded all my expectations.   My only disappointment was having obvious preconceived notions of Rhett and Scarlet, considering the number of times I had seen the movie.  Oh how I wish I could have gone into the book and imagined both of those characters in my own little brain.  I wonder what they would have looked like? 

Have you ever read Gone With the Wind?  Did you have any "ode to joy" feelings after reading it?

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