Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did Not Finish -- The Sound of Language

The Sound of Language by Amulya Malladi

I read about 25 pages of this book and knew I couldn't manage another.  Do you ever pick up something and realize you just aren't "in the mood?"  Well, this was one of those mood books.  After recently finishing Nine Parts of Desire, I am saturated with information about Muslim garment requirements -- hajibs, burkhas, etc. -- that I couldn't read another book this soon that details those rituals.  I know that this books is MORE than that, but I will need some time and space before I attempt this one again (if ever).


Unknown said...

Oh yeah, know what you mean by mood books! Some are just not right for the time. I also find if I read too many books about a similar subject in a row I can't take in any more.

Kathy (mommysreading) said...

I looked at Nine Parts of Desire, and I don't think I would be interested in it. But this book looks good. I wonder if you would have liked this better if you hadn't read the other first. I tend to get comfortable with my favorite types of books, and then find it difficult to switch to something different. This happened to me this month, and it really threw me off track.