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Wild West Wednesdays! Lonesome Dove Chapters 61-70

After last week's overwhelming brutality, the Hat Creek gang encountered more horrible weather, another cowboy death and GRASSHOPPERS!  This is becoming more Odyssean with each chapter!  And, I didn't get the grand reunion I was expecting from Gus and Call -- geesh, at least they could have man hugged or something!

Amy was in charge of this week's questions -- here are our thoughts:

1) Lorena is slowly beginning the process of healing, but she doesn't want to see anyone else and has become quite dependent on Gus. What do you think of this development? Will Lorena succeed in getting Gus to forget about the other woman?

Leah: I found this coping mechanism interesting. God knows how a person would get over something like this and I think Gus would be a calming presence for sure. Sometimes its nice to have someone who can talk that you don't have to talk back to and he did rescue her after all so you know he can protect her when push comes to shove. Will she succeed in winning his heart? I honestly don't think it's the right thing for her even if she thinks it is. However much I think Gus loves Lorena and she loves him, I think she should fulfill her dream of going to San Francisco and I don't think Gus is a city boy.

Melissa: At this point, I don’t think Lorena even has a clue about what she wants or what she is doing. I think she is just trying to hang on to whatever sanity she has, and Gus is the only link to reality left. She probably thinks she loves him, but it’s only because she is so completely and utterly dependent on him. There has to be a psychological name to survivors developing “feelings” or dependence on their rescuers. I am just glad that Gus is so descent…any other man (like Jake!) would take advantage of her vulnerability and probably destroy her permanently.

Amy: I agree. I hope Lorena can find some measure of peace and live the life she has left. I have found her sections to be so sad...I can't even imagine trying to go on after something like that. I hope for good things for Lorena!

2) Jake seems to be the kind of person things just happen to and he seems unable to take responsibility for his own actions. How do you feel about his traveling companions? Do you think he'll be able to get away from them?

Leah: It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Jake isn't a kid. He used to be a Ranger with Call and Gus so he is older. I'm guessing in his 40s maybe. He is old enough to get his sh*t together and stop blaming everyone else and quit chasing tail. I know he's a good foil for the rest of the cowboys but crimeny sakes he's hard for me to take in any dose and I hope he gets what he deserves. Those men are trouble and Jake knows it.

Melissa: I am so done with Jake! I’m with Leah, he acts like he is Newt’s age, when he must be a grown man!? How could he possibly take off with those thugs? I was crushed when their group demolished the farming couple’s sod house…that made me so sad!! And he did NOTHING! Grrrrr…..I do hope he gets what is coming to him, but I not at the expense of anyone in the Hat Creek Gang…in fact, I think Jake needs to run into Blue Duck!

Amy: I agree! Jake is annoying and seems to make bad decision after bad decision. I thought the whole part about Sally was rather shocking and he shot someone and didn't mean to? Really? (he probably did do that girl a favor, though!)

3) Poor July is barely hanging on...what did you think of Jennie? Do you think he'll be able to find Ellie?

Leah: I liked it when July ran into Jennie. I thought it was interesting to learn more about Ellie. I also think Jennie was a lot nicer than Ellie. July, however, needs to stop falling in love with every woman (whore) he meets! I do think he'll find Ellie but I don't think he'll get out of it want he wants.

Melissa: July at least now has perspective on Ellie and her history. I wish he would just turn around and go home. Honestly, I have no idea how these “sporting” women do it – literally!! This is a G rated read along, but there is a discussion somewhere on the physical extremes of this lifestyle. I can’t and don’t even want to try to understand it.

Amy: I will be very curious to see how the reunion goes. I feel bad for Ellie as well, her situation is kind of miserable, too! Melissa, I totally know. It's completely incomprehensible to me.

What are your thoughts after this week's chapters?

Lonesome Dove (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) by Larry McMurtry: Book Cover

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I was so amused picturing them riding naked in the hail! And the grasshoppers would have completely freaked me out.