Sunday, November 21, 2010

What to do when checking out library books for a New York Times Bestselling Author

  1. You figure out how not to make a fool of yourself once you see their name pop up on their library account.
  2. You chat briefly about one of the juvenile books he has selected -- not his own of course -- but luckily one you've read and enjoyed.
  3. You decide, "So do I acknowledge his work? Or do I pretend not to know him?"
  4. All of the above, some of the above, none of the above
Having not served a New York Times bestselling author before while working the circulation desk, I was faced with all of the above questions, and I'm here report that I failed miserably! Except for #2.  I was able to chat briefly about one of his selections, but other than that, my tongue fell out of my head.

In addition to several picture books, he had a copy of Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett, which I read two summers ago when my husband and I spent an extended weekend in Chicago for our anniversary. It was a delightful book and I was, at the very least, able to communicate that to him.  In my head I wanted to say, "Oh, I love your work!" but couldn't because although I have all three of his books on my shelf, and my boys are listening to one of them on audio, I haven't acutally READ any of them.  Then I was going to say, "Thank you so much for donating to our silent auction last year, it was a thrill to receive your donated signed book!" but again, I thought I sounded rather like a bumbling idiot. So instead, I chose the do not say anything option, wished him a good day, and handed him his due date receipt. 

Oh, who was at the library yesterday? None other than Trenton Lee Stewart -- the author of this:

and this:
and this:
Remind me to have a script prepared next time!