Monday, April 12, 2010

Book Give-a-way!

All I can say is, it pays to read the paper.

I have read numerous reviews of Norris Church Mailer's memoir, A Ticket to the Circus, including yesterday's New York Times Book Review. As a small town Arkansas girl who went on to marry Pulitzer Prize winning author, Norman Mailer, and live a life very few of us experience, I knew this book would be the latest addition to my Goodreads list.

So this morning as I finished my morning rounds at the library, I thumbed through the paper and noticed in "Paper Trails," a local column about the goings on in Little Rock and the surrounding area, that Ms. Mailer (known as Barbara Jean here locally) was signing books at our bookstore 3 blocks away!! Oh my gosh!

I pawned my kids off on a girlfriend, went to the bookstore and waited for this --

Ms. Mailer reading from her book.

Then I asked a patron to take a picture of us both -- for some reason she didn't wait for me to turn around, so this is what I got:

In honor of her appearance in Little Rock, I am offering a giveaway of Ms. Mailer's AUTOGRAPHED book, A Ticket to the Circus.

A Ticket to the Circus: A Memoir

To enter, you must currently BE a follower or BECOME a follower and leave a comment and your email in the message so I can contact you should you win. The giveway will be open through Friday, April 30th at 10pm CDT.


Just Mom said...

Lucky you! I would love to meet an author I enjoy. Please enter me. I have subscribed via Google Reader for quite awhile but this post made me aware that I had never become a follower so I fixed that - I am a follower now!

Linsey said...

I could have sworn that I was already following you...but, apparently, I too was just "Google readering" you.

Ah, bookstores, oh, how I miss them.

Julie P. said...

Talk about perfect timing! I'm a follower and I'd love to win this book!


jayna said...

I sure could use a great read! C'mon lucky stars...ALIGN!

wordandcraft said...

My junior year of high school I had an English teacher who was also from Atkins, and I don't know how many times that year she started a story with, "I was out with my best friend--she married Norman Mailer, ya know..." So I can't imagine this author as Norris Church Mailer or Barbara Jean; to me she's just Mrs. Franks' best friend who married Norman Mailer.

Amused said...

What a wonderful experience! Looks like fun!

I'd love to be entered!

Nicole Marsh said...

What a fun time! I hope I win this book it looks like a good one. nicole_marsh22 at

payne said...

sweet blog site...glad i found it finally. p

Heather said...

I love signings. I am now a follower, though I have been reading for quite a while. This looks like a fun read.

Gwendolyn B. said...

I've read a few excerpts from this memoir and would love to read the whole thing. Thanks so much for the chance to win a copy! (I'm a Follower!)

geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com