Saturday, September 12, 2009

Book Buying!

Spent my Saturday at my favorite used book store, River Market Books and Gifts -- and this is what I walked away with:


We read Emily of New Moon as a book group choice, and I absolutely loved it! I've always wanted to read the sequels, and now I have them -- got them both for $2.

Then I added this for $3.50:

and this for $3:

Two blogging friends wrote raving reviews about the the above two books. Still Alice is here -- Josephine B. is here. If I can get out of my "reader's block" (similar to writer's block -- I haven't finished a book in two weeks! It never takes me two weeks to read a book!), I plan on starting any one of these soon!


Nicole Marsh said...

Thanks for posting about these books. I am always interested in new books to read.

Amy said...

I cannot believe you got it for $3!!! Jealous!!! And I loved two other LM Montgomery books..."The Blue Castle," and "Rilla of Ingleside."