Monday, September 21, 2009

My Day vs. My Husband’s Day

Me: “Mrs. Daisy Mom, your son just threw up at school, will you please come get him?”

Hubbie: Meetings in New York City with Actor’s Equity regarding contract negotiations.

Me: “Mommy, I’m still sick” – as three year old throws up in the car.

Hubbie: Still in NYC.

Me: Two other children arrive home from school; oldest daughter says, “my stomach hurts” and hurls in the proximity of the bathroom, not quite making it to the toilet; cleaning barf out of tile grout.

Hubbie: Still in NYC

Me: After 3 more rounds of vomit, daughter hurls in her room on her area rug.

Hubbie: Now on to 5th Avenue for shopping.

Me: 3yr old, after not throwing up for 4 hours, makes it to the bathroom in time do an impression of the Exorcist.

Hubbie: Now at Broadway show with college friends.

Me: 2nd load of towels in the laundry.

Hubbie: Not sure I care!