Monday, September 14, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Work I Go…

Today, for the first time in 9 years, I was someone’s employee.

I started my part time job at our local library, and even though I had a few butterflies buzzing around in my stomach, I think it’s the perfect fit – me, a cart full of books, author’s I’ve never heard of, books I’ve never read, and lots and lots of library shelves.

My 1st responsibility is to sort returned books on to sorting shelves, then stack them on carts for re-shelving.

I’m in charge of re-stocking mysteries, juvenile fiction and large print books.

I’m NOT a mystery reader, so it was a thrill to roam the aisles of mysteries and discover so many books I would like to read! My biggest obstacle is not having the liberty of thumbing through a book to see what it’s about!

I am also thrilled to be shelving JUV fiction, so I can scour the titles for things my 8 year old might want to read. I found this today:

I’ve heard about Betsy-Tacy, but never read them. I’m so unfamiliar with youth literature – this is going to be a fantastic education – and SO MUCH FUN!

It was weird working WITH people I’ve grown accustomed to seeing on a regular basis, but not really knowing them. They were very welcoming.

I work two more days this week.

I wonder what books will be waiting for me tomorrow?? Can’t wait to find out!!

Any mystery lovers out there?? I need recommendations!


Liz said...

I always wanted that job! I love my job but that would be so fun!!!
My idea of a mystery is Mary Higgins Clark. I don't love all of them but I I do love a few. Although, the last few have been disappointing and way too formulaic.

Nicole Marsh said...

I love mysterys! My favorite growing up was Mary Higgens Clark. I hear that James Patterson has a few good ones (could be wrong, I haven't read any yet). I think that Gerald Lund actually has a couple of them pre work and the glory.

Corinne said...

Betsy-Tacy is a staple from my childhood. ALSO, I worked in the stacks at the University of Maryland when I was in college and I got lonely in there. The books weren't as fun to shelve as the stuff you're shelving - lots of masters thesis and academic books, no YA to be found :)