Monday, September 7, 2009

A Football Requiem

(That's me -- standing against the wall -- with my daughter -- and the Sooner Nation).

Needless to say, the big football weekend did not turn out as planned. OU went down with a thud to my arch enemies, BYU (why they are my enemies, is another blog post in and of itself – you can ask me about it later). Not to mention, Sam Bradford may be out for the year with a shoulder injury.

(Sam Bradford, before the injury)

But, in spite of it all, the family had a great time at the game!

I still love my Sooners! I’ve been through losses before – LSU, USC, Boise State, Florida – and I will survive this one. I managed the vast, post-Barry Switzer, waste land, of bad OU football with John Blake and Howard Schnellenberger. Bobby Stoops will salvage this season. He did it with Paul Thompson; he will do it with no offensive line, no wide receivers, no tight end, and now, no QB.
Sooner born and Sooner bred, and a Sooner fan forever!


Heather G. said...

Actually, I would love to know why BYU is your arch enemy! Want the juicy details! I went for one class to finish off my degree at Portland State University since we moved to Utah right before I finished my bachelor's. I was so glad I never had to go there for more that what I did. I'd love hear your story!

Amy said...

Oh, too bad!! I got to watch Alabama pound BYU into the ground. It was pretty fun. Hooray for college football!