Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Book Club -- Part 2

Last week we were snowed out -- this week it was 60 degrees -- what a difference a week makes!

We were few in number because of the schedule change, but that didn't lessen the discussion.

True Grit by Charles Portis: Book Cover
The consensus:  Everyone LOVED True Grit!!  As is always the case, we all thought it was better than the movie -- funnier, bloodier, "grittier" -- but that the Coen Brothers did an excellent job with their adaptation.

My girlfriend, Becca, who led the discussion did a great job, so good in fact, she tracked down Mr. Portis' phone number and was determined to get him on the phone for his comments during our discussion. Luckily, we persuaded her that it wasn't such a good idea!

Even though it's been a month since I read the book, I still felt energized by his writing -- while talking about some of the scenes (especially when Mattie was in the snake pit) the images were still so vivid, it was like I had read it yesterday.  So many fabulous visuals and dialogue -- it was a joy to talk about them all.

Even though I'm sure most have seen the movie -- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading the book.  In fact, I insist!

Our February selection: (our original selection, Outliers, was not available)

The Coral Thief by Rebecca Stott

The Coral Thief by Rebecca Stott: Book Cover

Summary from B&N:


Paris, 1815. Daniel Connor, a young medical student from Edinburgh, has arrived to study anatomy at the Jardin des Plantes—only to realize that his letters of introduction and precious coral specimens, on which his tenure with the legendary Dr. Cuvier depends, have been stolen. His thief turns out to be a beautiful woman who lives in a shadowy realm of outlaws, philosophers, and émigrés. As Daniel falls in love with her, he discovers a radical theory of evolution that irrevocably changes his conception of the world.


Amused said...

That sounds like a great book discussion! I really hope True Grit wins best movie at the Oscars because I think it deserves it!

Jessica said...

My husband is reading this at the moment and he has made me promise to see it with him when it opens in the UK. I am looking forward to!