Saturday, January 29, 2011

My version of crack....

Today was the first day of our Scholastic Book Fair:

I wish someone would wheel carts of books into my house...

I purchased several from this cart already...

My two boys (and a friend) sampling the many offerings....

A very familiar literary character and me....

When I'm done being PTA president, I'm secretly hoping the book fair chair will be open!

(Photos courtesy of Mandy Shoptaw)


  1. Do you have a Warehouse in your area? I'm dangerous in that place! I want to be the book fair chair too!

  2. i love book fairs :) books are just the best! I know Mandy Shoptaw, i went to high school with her.

  3. Our book fair is next week. It's my last time being the book fair chair! I've been doing it for TEN years! Can you even believe it? It's sort of freaking me out that this will be the last time. But it's good too, because I'm really tired of it! Too bad you are not here so you can take over for me! :)

  4. When I was in college there was a warehouse in our area and I LOVED going there. I love being a teacher again because I can order with my class and get bonus points on the things that I buy. It's great to see kids loving books and being excited to read and look at them!

  5. I've worked at a lot of Scholastic Book Fairs over the years ... and bought a lot of books from Scholastic Book Fairs over the years too! :)

  6. The Scholastic Book Fairs are some of my very, very favorite middle school memories! I would spend hours reading the little leaflet and circling my choices. Luckily, I had very generous, supportive parents when it came to buying books.

    Thanks joggin' the old memories :)

  7. that should read "thanks for joggin' the old memories


  8. Book chair? That would be awesome!

  9. @Tricia: Good question...I thought we had one in a nearby suburb...but I'm not sure! Maybe it's better if I don't find out!

    @Suey: I would TOTALLY take over for you! Our previous book-chair, is now my PTA VP, and we have a very capable woman doing it now...I may have to wait my turn!