Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Reading Resolutions 2011

I know we are 11 days in to 2011, but it's never too late to set some reading resolutions.  Looking back on my reading goals for 2010, I didn't do too badly. 

Here they are:

1. Finish all challenges: YES!  I only committed to one, and I completed it -- Women Unbound

2. Read more local authors: I didn't read nearly the number I set forth to read -- but I read one, True Grit by Charles Portis.

3. Finish all book club books:  I finished them all -- except the ones I had read before. I didn't re-read, The Gurnsey blah blah blah Society.

4. I will read one biography of a major historical figure. DRATS! Didn't finish this at all.  My goal was to tackle John Adams by David McCullough.  I may have a second chance at this, Amy of My Friend Amy is doing a read along in April.

5. I will read a classic book that I've never read. Nope, not a one.  I suppose I could stretch it and include both Lonesome Dove and True Grit, more modern classics, but my goal was to read The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck.

6. Host or co-host a challenge or read-a-long. YES! I did it! 2 in fact! Leah at Amused by Books and I completed Wolf Hall in May, and then Leah, Amy and I completed Lonesome Dove in November! Whew!

7. Continue our Mother/Daughter book club throughout the remainder of this school year and the next.  YES!  We have made it through 3rd grade and are actively into 4th grade.  We are reading The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry and our discussion is next Tuesday.

Now what is up for 2011?  Much of the same -- but a few more for a complete Top Ten!

1. Finish all challenges: Once again, I'd rather look back and know I've FINISHED something, than think I've left lots of challenge books unread.  So, I've committed to What's In a Name Challenge (the books are on my side bar) and a 1 month (January) L. M. Montgomery challenge -- Emily Climbs.

2. Read more local authors: I'm determined to read The Mysterious Benedict Society series by Trenton Lee Stewart, or at least the 1st of the series.  That way, next time he is at the library, I can converse coherently with him.

3. Finish all book club books: This year we picked all our books in advance, which is new for us.  I've read 5 of our selections already, so I doubt I will re-read those, but I will certainly read the others.

4. I will read one biography of a major historical figure. See above -- this IS they year for John Adams!

5. I will read a classic book that I've never read. With the recent purchase of my NOOK and the discovery of Project Gutenberg, I've downloaded over 40 classic works. So if it isn't The Grapes of Wrath, it will be something!

6.  Embrace my NOOK!  I was slow and reluctant to purchase this.  I love BOOKS -- ones you can touch, feel, smell, and pass along to others.  But I think there is room in life for an e-reader. My goal is to read ONE e-book a month.

7.  Plan ahead!  One of my biggest hang ups is not thinking in advance about what I want to read -- I'm always being swayed by what's on the shelf at the library or what I see on other blogs (simply known as reading ADD).  In order to take control of my shelves, I plan on a personal monthly reading list that I can check off when I'm done.  It will include my required reading (all book club books/challenge books) and the titles I WANT to read.

8.  2011 Reading goal -- 65 books. I've hovered around 50 books the past two years.  With the end of my two year PTA presidency in sight, I hope to read a few more once May arrives!

9.  Read the book that has been sitting on my shelf the LONGEST.  I believe that would be Possession by A. S. Byatt.  It's been there FOREVER! (At this point, that my qualify as a CLASSIC too!).

10. Only check out books at the library that I PLAN on reading.  I check them out, let them sit on my table, renew them endlessly, then return them unread.  Enough.

Thanks to Jen at The Broke and The Bookish for this weekly meme.